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    Wednesday, January 24th
    $1.25 Per Pretzel

    Pretzel day is held once a month.  These pretzels are freshly baked each morning at “The Pretzel Stop Inc.” in Rockville Centre.  Philadelphia style soft pretzels are large, doughy, salt covered & taste delicious.

    These pretzels are also “nut free.”

    Volunteers are needed for Pretzel Day. Without parental participation, we cannot continue this program. Children love to see their parents in the school. If you are available, please contact the committee chairpersons, Beth Murphy 516-375-6730 or Val Emerson at 516-244-4272.

    Future Pretzel Days

    February 14th

    April 18th

    March 21st

    May 16th


     PTA forms and flyers are also available on the IP schools website and PTA Facebook Page

    Francis X. Hegarty Elementary
  • Island Park honors November Students of the Month

    The Island Park Public Schools’ Dec. 18 Board of Education Meeting featured student recognitions as well as presentations and reports. The evening began with a celebration of nine Students of the Month who consistently demonstrate good citizenship and exhibit positive qualities at Francis X. Hegarty Elementary School and Lincoln Orens Middle School.

    Principals Jacob Russum and Dr. Bruce Hoffman described the criteria that Students of the Month are selected upon and read letters from teachers that described the November honorees. Nicholas Angelastro (kindergarten), Julissa Navarrete (grade 1), Sean Garcia (grade 2), Danielle Gelish (grade 3), Kaylee Molloy (grade 4), Aidan Flaniken (grade 5), Olivia Trafford (grade 6), William Adler (grade 7) and Jacob Borrelli (grade 8) were awarded medals, certificates of excellence and small gifts of acknowledgment.

    The meeting also included presentations from the two high schools that Island Park students can choose to attend in order to assist families in their decision-making and transition into the years that follow eighth-grade. Superintendent of Schools Dr. Rosmarie Bovino introduced Long Beach High School Principal Jeffrey Myers and West Hempstead High School Principal Alvaro Escobar. They highlighted the academic courses, athletics, arts, extra-curricular activities, college-level classes and other special programs at their respective buildings.

    The district’s legal counsel presented an update on the Barrett Power Plant litigation proceedings with LIPA. He noted that all depositions have been completed and in January the Summary Judgement Motion will be filed. LIPA made a motion for all cases to be joined for a trial that would be held in Suffolk County, and the district has submitted a request to the court to have cases heard in Nassau County.

    Dr. Bovino noted that numerous public officials and community leaders have become involved in work related to the lawsuit as a result of the community’s recent letter-writing effort, which produced 500 letters. All past presentations and information about the topic is available on the district’s website, www.ips.k12.ny.us.

    Francis X. Hegarty Elementary
  • Island Park Students Use Robotics Skills to Solve Water Problem

    In preparation for the FIRST LEGO League robotics competition in February, students from Island Park’s Lincoln Orens Middle School are investigating ways to ease the world’s water shortages and build wells in Africa as well as other regions. This year’s competition theme is hydrodynamics, and contestants are required to present a project related to the topic in addition to building and programming a robot.

    Students were asked to identify problems within the human water cycle and then design solutions. The Lincoln Orens group chose to explore the fact that water, which is essential to life, is not accessible to everyone. As they learned during their research, clean water is a serious concern around the world. Their response to this problem is a plan to raise money to help fund wells that will provide clean water to those in areas without access.

    The students propose to support two endeavors equally through fundraising efforts.

    Water for South Sudan is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization supporting the building of wells in the South Sudan rural countryside. The students were inspired to help this charity after reading the book “A Long Walk to Water.” They also decided to help Paper for Water, a nonprofit foundation initiated by two young girls on a mission to build awareness of the need for clean water. Astonishingly, their website states that “every 21 seconds a child dies from unclean water.” In the past four years, this nonprofit foundation has raised more than $1.3 million and funded over 150 water projects in 14 countries, including a Navajo reservation in New Mexico.

    The socially conscious Island Park students are dedicated to informing their community, family members and others about this issue, emphasizing that every contribution can make a difference in bringing clean water to the world, one well at a time.

    Francis X. Hegarty Elementary
  • Be a Lifesaver

    Island Park School District
    Blood Drive

    Date:  Thursday, January 25, 2018
    Time: 4:00pm to 8pm
    Place: Francis Hegarty Elementary School 
                  100 Radcliffe Road
                  Island Park, NY

    To schedule an appointment please call Jamie Varrichio @ 516-434-2600 or schedule a time @ http://www.ips.k12.ny.us/blood_drive


    Francis X. Hegarty Elementary
  • Francis X. Hegarty Decks the Halls with Music

    Island Park’s Francis X. Hegarty Elementary School students spread holiday cheer on Dec. 14 during their annual winter concert. Festive tunes rang from the multipurpose room, where a welcoming banner surrounded by twinkling lights, snowflake cutouts and paper nutcracker soldiers brightened the sta

    Under the direction of music teacher and Chorus Director Marie Bluebello-Sambolin, third- and fourth-grade chorus members performed a series of songs that fit the season’s theme of gratitude, peace, warmth and happiness. The featured numbers included “Hanukkah, Season of Joy,” “Silent Night,” “I’ve Been Good,” “Frosty and Friends” and “Thankful.” Several students provided accompaniment on the xylophones, tambourines and metallophones.

    An audience of Board of Education members, administers, teachers and the musicians’ family members expressed enjoyment and pride in this celebration of music and togetherness.

    Francis X. Hegarty Elementary
  • Code of Conduct Policy - Digital Device

    December 22, 2017  

    Dear Parent(s) and Guardian(s),

    It has recently come to our attention that students have been using their phones to take pictures and videos of themselves and other students on the school buses.  This is a violation of the Code of Conduct Policy since recording and photographing of students and staff members without written authorization or consent are prohibited.  If students are observed using a digital device such as a cell phone or tablet to take videos and/or pictures in the school setting or on the bus, the device will be confiscated.  If confiscated, parents will be asked to meet with the principal to address the Code of Conduct infraction(s) and to recover the device. 

    The Code of Conduct was reviewed with our students in an assembly program and misappropriate electronic use was explained.  However, we ask your assistance and support.  Please remind your child that digital photography and/or videography are strictly prohibited in school, on school grounds, on school buses and anywhere that school activities are conducted.  Moreover, during the school day, students in possession of cell phones and personal tablets must keep them stored in a locker (or backpack).  The failure to follow school policies and rules will result in disciplinary action.  

    Thank you for your attention to this matter. 


    Jacob M. Russum
    F.X. Hegarty Elementary School

    Bruce Hoffman, Ed.D.
    Lincoln Orens Middle School

    Francis X. Hegarty Elementary

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I can follow directions

To do their best in school, your little one needs to listen carefully and follow directions. They can get plenty of practice by playing with you! Enjoy these activities together.

Simon says, “Build” Let your child dump a pile of Legos on the floor and give instructions for building a house one brick at a time. Your child needs to follow your directions only if “Simon says.” Example: “Simons says, ‘Put the small blue Lego on top of the big yellow one.”

Repeating a request is a great way for your child to make sure they listened and understood. Tell your child you’re a pirate and they are a parrot. In the car or while walking outside, use a pirate voice to name a ‘treasure’ for them to spot. (“Arrh matey, find a red fire truck.”) They micmic the request in their best parrot voice (“Find a red fire truck”) and then tells your when they spot it (“Red fire truck. Squawk!”) Then, give a new treasure to find.

Good listeners can visualize what a speaker is saying. Tell your youngster a story about your day, sharing as many details as possible. (“I spilled my coffee during a meeting. There were five people at the round table…”) Have them listen carefully and draw a picture to illustrate your story. How many details can they include?

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